Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kinect and a Projector Team Up to Break Out of Your TV

No, the kid in the video above is not on LSD (at least, he's not just on LSD). He's actually helping Microsoft show off their new technology: IllumiRoom (Awesome name guys...) as CES in Las Vegas. IllumiRoom gives the Kinect the ability to team up with a projector, give your TV what for, and take over your entire wall. The reports are that the video above is an actual test lab and not just some shiny CG tricks. Of course, no company has ever misled customers with that trick before. Well... we'll see.

Microsoft kept hush hush on anything that might resemble a release date, but they say we can expect more information in a paper to be presented at ACM CHI 2013 at the end of April.

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